Interim management

Business Added Value

We are truly interested in any challenging situation. Our passion is solving problems. Our ability for creative thinking and our energy to follow through allows us to add value to any business environment.

Interim manager

We can replace someone during a long-term recruitment process. We can take over an entire project when you're lacking the resources or internal competencies. We can also bring an outside perspective and provide expertise on complex challenges.

Network of experts

We work with a trusted network of experts who contribute to our added value. Our assignments range from one hour to several years. However, we try to avoid full-time appointments.

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We are thrilled by entrepreneurship and business creation activities.

We seek partners to develop our business ideas. We also invest time and financial resources in the ideas of others when our help and competencies can fill a gap.

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We come with a pragmatic approach focused on solutions, actions and profitability for everyone.

We value honest and transparent interactions for long-term trust relationships.

Our professional ethic is an important and motivating factor in everything we do. Our ethic is mainly based on win-win commercial relations, limited environmental impact and well-being of all involved.


Past experiences


area manager – sales and projects management

Procter and Gamble (3Y)

IT – team and SAP projects management

Globule Bleu (9Y)

co-founder and general manager – projects, consultancy and business operation management

EVS (4Y)

Business unit manager – product innovation and team management


Since 2015

Core competences

  • Finance and accounting
  • Digital communication
  • Software development
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Broadcasting
  • Human resources
  • Marketing
  • Organisation management
  • Sales processes


  • Getting Things Done
  • SCRUM management
  • Blue ocean


  • French mother language
  • Fluent in English
  • Basic Spanish and Dutch


Located in Liège (Belgium) with remote office and business travel feasibility. Long daily commuting is something we try to avoid.